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HitMotion at DevCom 2021!

Agosto 24, 2021 8:22 am

We of New Technology Walkers are proud to announce that will participate in the online version of Devcom and Gamescom!

Gamescom is one of the most important European events about gaming: every year it gathers thousands of people from all over Europe (and the world) that go there to try new games, buy some collectibles, and meet other videogames lovers. In parallel with Gamescom, every year it is held also the Devcom, which is the Gamescom for developers, that is a big conference of European developers with technical talks, game jams, contests, and pitches.

Since 2020, both of these events are held online because of the coronavirus situation we all know. Honestly speaking, while still interesting, the online version can’t compete at all with the emotions you could have in the real venue: you could meet casually with some Youtubers (we met Nathie in 2018, for instance), you could play all the games you wanted, you could enjoy some crazy parties (like the one after NVIDIA announced RTX graphics cards). And especially, since we are VR people, you could actually try the games and experiences in preview… seeing online some videos of 2D games is nice, but VR is something that must be tried in person.

Anyway, we of NTW are not discouraged by this, and we decided to join both events! At Gamescom, Max and Tony from our team will be there as members of the press. Since they manage the blog The Ghost Howls, they will try to meet some VR developers, discover VR news, and maybe have some interviews. The purpose is to try interesting VR games and meeting interesting VR people.

Max and Tony at Gamescom 2018 trying Icaros VR

At Devcom, instead, we are there to promote HitMotion: Reloaded, our fitness game that makes people stay fit while having fun. We will participate in the “PitchIt!” event on Friday, and there we will propose our game to a big audience of publishers. We are working on a very nice presentation about our game… we can’t show it to you, but we can tell you that is full of GIFs of our beloved Bob the trainer! We are also open to networking and are organizing some meetings to talk about collaborations for our lovely product. There are also some nice events inside Devcom we are discovering because of course, we don’t want only to work but also to have fun with the other game developers!

hitmotion reloaded bob
Everyone loves Bob!

Devcom has already begun and we have already had some interesting meetings and some fun chats. It seems a cool event, and has also a very well-made online portal for networking and matchmaking. For sure we would love to participate in it also next year.

In case you are participating in Devcom or Gamescom, let us know, so we can chat about our VR games and have fun together! And if you are not, well… wish us luck with our events!

(Header image credit: Devcom)