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HitMotion: Reloaded lands on App Lab

Agosto 9, 2021 9:28 am

It’s summer, people go on vacation, but we of New Technology Walkers never rest! And today we are incredibly proud to announce that we have just released our fitness game HitMotion: Reloaded on Oculus App Lab!

HitMotion: Reloaded on App Lab

The store listing of HitMotion:Reloaded on App Lab

HitMotion was previously available only via sideloading, but now it has finally been approved on the Oculus App Lab store: you can find it at this link. It is also easily discoverable through the popular directories SideQuest VR and App Lab DB.

App Lab is an official tool provided by Oculus that makes the installation and update process of indie applications that have not been approved on the main Oculus Store much easier. We are overly happy for having been approved there. The lessons we have learned while publishing our silly app The Unity Cube have been very precious to be sure that our approval process was smooth and fast.

For us App Lab is very important because it removes a lot of friction for our players: with just a click on the Quest store page, it is possible for the user to find HitMotion directly in his main Oculus Quest menu, without the need to going to the hidden “Unknown sources tab”. Plus App Lab provides a smooth update procedure, so every one of you that has the App Lab version will be able to get the future versions of HitMotion automatically. And we have some cool things in the works you may want to try…

What’s next for HitMotion?

You’ll keep punching, you’ll keep sweating

HitMotion: Reloaded has performed incredibly well on SideQuest, with more than 700 downloads and a review score superior to 4 stars. All of this is impressive considering that the game is just a demo and we promoted it basically just with word of mouth. We are very thankful to the SideQuest team and the SideQuest community for all the help they have provided us. It’s been great to see everyone being very supportive.

Now with the App Lab release, we hope to have an even bigger outreach for our game, with more people downloading and using it. We are also very excited about some amazing features we are working on, and that will be implemented in the free demo in the upcoming weeks. We can’t say anything, just that we are sure that you will like them! To not miss them, be sure to install the App Lab version of HitMotion: Reloaded on your Oculus Quest, so you will be sure to have them when they come out!

Are you ready for the fitness battle?