hitmotion reloaded free demo completed

“Seal The Demo” update completes HitMotion: Reloaded demo!

Dicembre 21, 2021 4:59 pm

It’s been a great year for HitMotion: Reloaded: 6 months ago it was published on Sidequest, then it was approved on App Lab, landed on Focus 3, and had a long series of updates introducing amazing features like integration with LIV and bHaptics. Now it’s time for us to publish a new final update for this 2021: called “Seal The Demo”, it introduces another set of interesting functionalities on Quest. Discover them with us!

The launch trailer of this new update

Passthrough AR

Now that Meta has officially integrated passthrough in its Oculus SDK, we have finally been able to integrate passthrough augmented reality in our game. With it, you can play our fitness game by seeing your surroundings, so you feel safer while punching, dodging, and moving in your room. You see what you have around you, and you don’t risk anymore punching your friends or your walls (ahi!).

The cool thing about our passthrough implementation is that you can switch whenever you want between the VR and the AR version of the game, even during a match. This way you can change your settings on the fly and play in the best way possible for every moment: someone has entered your room while you were in a tough level? No worries, switch to AR and keep playing without the risk of hurting him!

AR area setting

Apart from the game, we have also implemented passthrough vision in the area setting. When you set the area you want to play the game in, you now see your physical room, and how the game area fits in it, in augmented reality. We think that this is the best way to offer the play area configuration to our users.

New levels

5 easy levels were a bit too little for our demo, so we added 3 new cool ones! 1 medium level and 2 hard levels to make you step up your boxing skills. This way, even if you have already finished the demo, you can return back to play these longer and more tiresome levels. Even more, we have also refined a bit the original five levels, so it’s time to open HitMotion: Reloaded again and enjoy all the eight levels from scratch!

hitmotion reloaded fitness new levels
There are three new difficult levels for you to discover!

Custom music

This is a feature we are very proud of: you can now customize the music of the levels. Don’t you like the stock music we have set as the levels’ soundtracks? We got you covered: you can now put some .mp3 or .ogg files in a special folder on your Quest, and have that music playing during the workout levels instead of the default one! You can so customize completely the music you listen to during the workout… doesn‘t it sound cool?

Discover how to change the music in this tutorial we have made for you:

Custom training

We have improved our modifiers, so now in the Level Selection menu, you can select a time and force multiplier if you want the training to be more intense. Do you want to play Level 1, but you think that the targets are too easy to be destroyed? Just set a 3x force multiplier and use all the force that you can to destroy them. Do you want the workout to last longer? Set a 2x or 3x time multiplier to play the level in loop for a few times.

hitmotion levels modifiers
Using the modifiers, you can customize your training and make it more challenging every day!

With this method, everyone can customize the game as he/she wants!

Other improvements

There have been some other minor improvements and some fixes here and there. Maybe you won’t notice them immediately, but all together improve the user experience for our game.

…Now what?

We called this update “Seal The Demo” because it represents the final update for our free App Lab demo of HitMotion: Reloaded. We believe that we have given the community enough (actually, a lot!) for a free taste of our game, and to make you all start to stay fit while having fun. Now it’s time for us to start working on the full game, that will have more features, more levels, and more supported platforms.

We will tell you more about it next year. For now, enjoy the Winter Holidays with the people you love, and play HitMotion: Reloaded on App Lab not to gain too much weight 🙂 Don’t forget to make us the Christmas gift of giving it 5 stars and leave a review. We of NTW wish you a great 2022 from the bottom of our hearts!