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HitMotion is going to Laval!

Aprile 8, 2022 8:47 am

We have exciting news to share with you: we of New Technology Walkers are going to Laval Virtual to spread the word about our virtual reality fitness game HitMotion: Reloaded!

Laval Virtual is one of the most important events about Virtual Reality in Europe. It is one of the oldest events in our ecosystem, and has been held for more than 20 years: this means that it started far before the new renaissance of modern virtual reality. Every year, it features showcases from important brands and companies and top-tier speakers from all over the world. After some troubles because of the COVID in the last two years, this year the event will be held again physically in the city of Laval, with in parallel a virtual reality version inside Laval World, which is a virtual world based on Virbela.

This is where Laval is located (Image from Google Maps)

Given the importance of the event, we of New Technology Walkers are really thrilled that we will be part of it. And with much excitement, we announce to you that our participation will even be threefold!

First of all, our cofounders Massimiliano Ariani and Antony Vitillo will be speakers in the virtual edition of the event! You can watch their speech on Laval World on April, 14th at 14:15 – 14:30 CEST. The talk will be titled “The journey of developing a VR fitness game” and will detail some difficulties we had to face as indie developers when crafting HitMotion: Reloaded. I think it will be a nice presentation to watch, especially if you plan to open your indie VR studio. But the whole Immersive Gaming track, which starts at 13:00 and ends at 16:00, is worth a watch, and we encourage you to attend it because it features amazing speakers like Frédéric Lecompte from Backlight Studios!

But there is more: our co-founder Antony Vitillo will be physically present at Laval!! He will be there to meet interesting people, so if you are in Laval as well, you can plan a meeting with him and talk about VR and fitness, and have some fun together! We of NTW are always interested in meeting new VR friends, so it would be great if you could meet him and maybe have a selfie together. He’s also there to host the AWE Nite Florence together with Cecilia Lascialfari directly from Laval, and that will be another cool thing to attend… there will be speakers like Charlie Fink and Suzanne Borders!

And there is one more thing… it’s a little surprise we are not unveiling yet 😉 . But we promise you it’s something VERY exciting…

As you can see, Laval Virtual is going to be pretty exciting for us, and we hope for you too. Let’s meet there, and stay fit while having fun( Header image credit: Laval Virtual)