Casting a light into the dark

Marzo 17, 2020 10:25 pm

Unluckily this year has not gone exactly well as we wished you in our last post, and now the coronavirus pandemic is hurting all our lives. We of New Technology Walkers are all safe, but we are forced to work at home, with all the difficulties that this implies. And our heart hurts thinking about the fact that now the COVID-19 virus is widespread all around the world, taking many people into hospitals and some others into the grave. We want to show you all our closeness for this difficult situation.

These are terrible times, but we must not surrender. We should all help each other, and do our best to prevent the diffusion of the virus. Stay at home and if you’re really forced to go out, wash frequently your hands, go out with a mask, and stay distant from the other people. We must try keeping our lives going on, doing our best to keep doing our jobs. United we can win.

My Works

And since our job is making wonderful VR experiences, we are still working on HitMotion: Reloaded. We can’t say much about what we’re doing… but we will just spoil the fact that we now want to target the biggest number of people possible. Now many people are forced to stay at home, and fitness XR games are a good way to make them stay fit even if they can’t go to the gym.

hitmotion virtual gym
HitMotion: Reloaded is your virtual reality gym

Vive Focus Plus

The Vive Focus Plus is a wonderful device, but it is only one of the many devices available on the market. There are many headsets out there and we are evaluating the possibility of porting our game, or at least apart of it, to other HMDs. This is not an easy choice, because it means porting the game to virtual reality, and so losing also one of our peculiarities, that is the safety offered by mixed reality. But since there are not many headsets offering passthrough AR, this may be a good sacrifice to make more people play our fitness game, and stay fit during these hard times.

We’re working hard on it. We’ll tell you soon what we have in mind… but just not today. You have to be patient a little bit. In the meantime, stay at home, stay safe. We really care a lot about you 🙂

A big hug from Italy!