hitmotion discounted

Stay at home and stay fit: HitMotion is now discounted!

Aprile 3, 2020 7:28 am

We are in very tough times when almost all countries are in lockdown and it is estimated that half of the worldwide population is forced to stay at home. Going outside is a risk for your health, so the best is that everyone stays at home to slow the spread of the virus.

Anyway, being at home all the time is quite boring. Also, it is not good for our health: since we can’t go out walking, we can’t go to the gym exercising, we risk our body loses its good shape.

VR fitness to the rescue

VR & fitness are a match made in heaven: virtual reality is a very physical technology, and most games require you to move your hands or even your whole body. Moving all the time while playing, you basically stay fit without even noticing, because you just think about having fun.

This why there exist many VR games made with fitness in mind, and with the same spirit we developed HitMotion: Reloaded, the first mixed reality fitness game. It follows the same spirit of the other VR fitness games, but with the added feature of safety: the game is in mixed reality, so you can see your surroundings, and don’t risk punching the people and objects around you.

Playing a game like HitMotion: Reloaded at home during the quarantine can help you in keeping a good shape while being forced to stay at home. And since it is fun, it will make you escape from the boredom of the lockdown. We think that if everyone had a VR headset at home during the quarantine, every family would be happier. It could be a great way to escape from the current situation, to visit distant places, to meet new people, to play all together (maybe with an asymmetric multiplayer game) and stay fit while having fun.

A big gift for you: HitMotion is now discounted!

hitmotion realoaded tutorial
Bob, our virtual reality trainer, can’t wait to visit your home!

We believe that in this difficult moment, everyone should help all the others, so we want to help you all to stay better at home. For this reason, we of New Technology Walkers are following the example of other indie studios and have decided to apply a huge discount to HitMotion: Reloaded.

From now until April, 16th, you can download our full game on Viveport M with an incredible -50% discount, or you can play it for free if you have subscribed to Viveport Infinity. This is our way to try to make this sad world a bit a better place. We hope that you can use our game to have a healthier life at home. So, if you have a Vive Focus Plus, head immediately to Viveport and get your copy of HitMotion!

And if you don’t have a Focus, well, stay tuned